SING WITH MY CAT --- SongBook and stories for Cats! Free shipping! $15.00

Sing with my Cat. Click here to buy! $15.00

A game song for dogs and cats

The Jump Song Dante the cat!

Sing with my Dog! See the book!

Chico the dog and the Birthday Song

"SING WITH MY GOLDFISH." A new book is COMING OUT! Premiere date is REALLY SOON!

  • The Cat Girls

  • Folks asking how to sing to a cat...!

  • Learning more about pets.

  • CatCon Photos

The Cat Girls

Folks asking how to sing to a cat...!

Learning more about pets.

CatCon Photos

SING WITH MY DOG -- SING WITH MY CAT -- SING WITH MY GOLDFISH...are the first and original books encouraging singing tunes to your pet.  Many people TALK to their pet, now you can read to them and hum them a song...! 

Javier Medra is author of, Sing with my Dog and Cat..

Javier has a college degree in Music and the Arts.  He volunteers at animal shelters to help find pets homes.  He has appeared at CatCon, PAWSAPALOOZA, SuperZoo and other pet events.  He plays the piano, sings and gives lectures about the benefits of singing to animals.  Look for Javier Medra on Facebook!

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I'm EINSTEIN the PUG. I'll answer your questions.  I've never yet had a question to STUMP me.  Except predicting the last Super Bowl results.  But nobody's perfect!  Any questions, comments, EMAIL me and my boss - Javier Medra at